Technology goes green.

For more than 50 years, Imper has been making a name for itself through an incredible variety of innovations, changes and advances. In a fast-paced, evolving world, Imper has consolidated its know-how in technological development, applied to innovative plastic materials, design of components and moulds, moulding processes and production of electromechanical assemblies.

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The passion of combining technology and innovation.

Technologically advanced, self-protected and compostable capsules, compatible with all the systems on the market, guarantee high performance and quality, while preserving the sensory properties of the Coffee and Beverage product.

That is how Imper can offer today all the value of its technological heritage in an innovative concept of green capsules.

Thanks to the complete control over the engineering process, from R&D to the prototyping, testing and production phases, Imper optimises the entire productive cycle in a completely automated facility.

The tightly integrated process flow enables a stringent quality control over the entire production chain, from roasting to capsule packaging, ensuring a productive capacity of over 1 billion capsules a year.

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