Technological innovation at the service of flavour.

From research and development to production, from roasting to the packaging of the capsules, Imper manages each phase of the engineering of compostable products. Processes are completely integrated and automated along a highly automated production system, thus ensuring complete traceability of the products as well as their qualitative and functional stability. The annual capacity of the production facility is of over 1 billion capsules.

Co-injection: quality at the heart of moulding.

To protect the aroma and quality of the coffee inside the capsule, Imper has developed a unique technological solution, in terms of quality and reliability, to provide a solid barrier against the effects of oxygen and humidity. A shelf-life of up to 24 months is thus ensured without the need for an additional secondary flow pack. The technology is applicable to all existing capsule formats on the market or customised formats, made according to strict technical specifications which guarantee top quality of the Coffee & Beverage product.

Quality and sustainability. Also in the upper film.

The sealing lids of the capsule are also a barrier against oxygen and humidity. All the lids have been customised for our applications in partnership with strategic suppliers, so as to adapt to our advanced fill and seal systems.

Capsules of any geometry.

Imper has its own in-house tool shop capable of handling all phases of mould design, manufacture and commissioning.


This ensures that the partners can have maximum freedom in the design phase, flexibility and constant supply.

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