Sustainable by vocation, truly compostable.

Imper’s commitment to effective and concrete sustainable solutions is reflected in a series of technologies, systems and products designed to optimise the circular economy. Entirely compostable capsules, capable of creating a virtuous production cycle throughout the product’s life, from manufacture to disposal, and which meet the needs of the most demanding consumers in terms of convenience, protection of the sensory properties of the blends, safety and shelf-life.


A perfect example of this is the Imper capsule, which can be disposed of after use in the organic fraction of municipal sorted waste without removing the coffee grounds, and which can re-enter the natural cycle through an industrial or domestic composting cycle.

Il perfetto alleato dell'home composting.

Grazie ai materiali e alle tecnologie impiegate, le capsule Imper possono essere smaltite a 20-22°C nella frazione umida, senza lasciare frammenti distinguibili nel compost dopo 12 settimane. L’attenzione di Imper alla sostenibilità determina anche la scelta di distribuire le capsule senza la necessità di ulteriore packaging, dettata dalle proprietà di conservazione del film protettivo, 100% compostabile, che riveste ogni singola capsula per una shelf-life di 24 mesi.

The perfect partner for home composting

The OK Compost Home certification guarantees breakdown under the conditions of current standards for home composting.

Perfettamente integrabili in cicli di industrial composting.

La progettazione e la produzione interna permettono a Imper di fornire anche agli interlocutori B2B capsule in grado di soddisfare i requisiti necessari ai cicli di industrial composting, con prodotti compostabili a 50-60° attraverso processi specifici. Questo a prescindere dalle caratteristiche della capsula, personalizzabile in forma e colori per la massima compatibilità.

Perfectly compostable in industrial cycles

The OK compost INDUSTRIAL certification guarantees compliance with European standard EN 13432 on compostability in industrial composting plants.

The value-added alternative.

The added value in terms of sustainability of the Imper compostable capsules is the ease of daily disposal compared with the conventional aluminium and plastic capsules. While retaining the sensory qualities of the blends and the practicality of daily use, Imper capsules integrate with immediate ease into the environmental recycling system, thanks to the simple disposal without the need to separate the coffee grounds from the capsule.

For a cycle that is twice as virtuous.

The composition of the Imper capsules allows to cut out two steps, namely the separation of the plastic/aluminium components of the conventional capsules from the residue of the wet fraction contained inside, which is done by the user on a daily basis, and the sorting in the recycling plant of compostable residues from materials suitable for recycling. Two simple steps that have a decisive impact on the optimisation of the production and recycling cycle as part of a more circular and sustainable system.

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