In-house management
of all the processes

From the design and production of capsules to roasting and grinding, up to filling and packaging, Imper provides a structured and certified supply at every stage. This is thanks to our three specialist divisions that are able to transpose over 50 years of know-how into products and systems that are unique in terms of quality and sustainability.

Sustainable and customisable capsules.

Thanks to the in-house moulding division, Imper can check the optimal implementation of capsules for the Coffee & Beverage sector.
Design, customisation, prototyping, development and engineering are managed in-house with the aim of supplying 100% compostable capsules in compliance with customer specifications, in terms of compatibility with the production cycle and in terms of customisation needs.

The aroma of completeness.

Imper provides complete solutions for all Private Label system requirements.
Thanks to the in-house division in charge of selecting, roasting and grinding the most sought-after coffee blends, Imper ensures those looking for a finished product the optimal combination of content and container, combining fully compostable capsules with the best expressions of coffee taste and aroma.

Durable quality.

To ensure that the functional performance of its finished products is achieved, Imper takes care of the filling and packaging processes of each capsule down to the smallest detail.


The technologies developed in the field of co-injection make it possible to ensure the strictest standards for preserving the sensory properties of coffee for a shelf life of 24 months.


A specific department specialising in the production of compostable capsules ensures the moulding processes are kept under strict control, and with the help of metrology and quality assurance technicians, quality standards and food-grade compliance are constantly monitored.

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