Imper designs, manufactures and packages technologically advanced capsules for the Coffee & Beverage sector with a focus on environmental sustainability and the preservation of the product’s sensory properties over time.

The production process is fully automated and integrated, including not only the moulding and packaging of the capsules, but also the roasting and grinding of the coffee using state-of-the-art equipment. With an annual capacity of over 1 billion capsules.


Technology goes green.

Over 50 years of history have brought with them an incredible variety of innovations, changes and progress. In this fast-paced, evolving world, Imper has applied a know-how gained since 1955 in the development of innovative plastic material technologies, moving towards recyclable and compostable solutions and designing products that have achieved Industrial Compost and Home Compost certifications.


Technological innovation in the service of flavour.

From the design to the production of the capsules, from the roasting and grinding of the coffee to the packaging of the finished product: Imper handles every stage of the engineering and production of compostable products, achieving excellent performance in terms of oxygen and moisture barrier (with direct benefits for the resulting shelf-life). All thanks to a unique technology involving compostable materials whose development took years of research and development.


All processes are managed in-house.



Imper has an in-house division dedicated to co-injection moulding for the production of capsules of any geometry, even to specific customer’s requirements


Roasting and Grinding

The Roasting division specialises in processing all coffee blends requested by the customer, through the roasting, grinding and degassing stages. All stages are carried out in accordance with agreed product/process specifications.


Filling and Packaging

The capsule filling and packaging processes are carried out by Imper with the utmost attention to detail, using automation systems that guarantee maximum productivity and customisation for each customer.


Certified, certain,

Products Certified to Industry Standards by External Bodies, 

recognised by the Market.

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