100% aroma,
100% green.

Imper has developed an exclusive technology that ensures constant and reliable protection from oxygen and moisture.

An innovative solution to preserve aroma and taste over time, while maintaining the sensory properties of the blend inside the capsule. This results in an extended shelf-life of up to 24 months in a capsule that, depending on the product, is certified Industrial Compost or Home Compost

The greenest solution for all coffee.

Imper offers the most sustainable solution for coffee distribution, thanks to 100% compostable capsules and protective films, with high preservation properties and marketable without additional packaging. Each capsule line is designed to meet the specifications of private label customers, can be customised in shape and colour, and ensures maximum compatibility and total preservation of the product’s sensory properties.

Much more than a capsule. The optimum complete solution.

Imper’s attention to quality does not end with creating a sustainable container but also extends to the contents. The same care and attention to finding raw materials and processes with a low environmental impact are applied to the selection, roasting and grinding, to meet the needs of complete supplies: capsules can be customised with blends produced and packaged according to Imper’s high standards, ready for distribution in full compliance with the requirements of Private Label systems.

Sustainable solutions for all brands

Imper capsules are designed to ensure perfect compatibility with the main standards on the market: the objective is to provide a 100% green solution for any type of capsule coffee or beverage, also through the use of structured systems and solutions that can include the supply of machines and services that are dedicated to the Horeca and OCS sectors.

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