Self Protected Compostable K-Cup® Capsule, compatible with original Keurig® system

The K-Cup capsule is designed to work optimally on all Keurig dispensing machines, thanks to its innovative geometry allows a homogeneous and constant exploitation of coffee, ensuring perfect extraction Moreover, thanks to its particular three-layer conformation, combined with specific compostable plastic polymers, it can guarantee a shelf-life of up to 24 months.
The product is suitable for contact with food under the conditions of use provided for

Starting materials for the capsule body​

• Biopolymer
• Binding agent
• Masterbatch

Dimensional Features

Outdoor Area 7.251,52mm2
Internal Area7.060,69mm2
Internal Volume54.005,56 mm3
Diameter 44,30 mm
Area Lid2.024,82mm2


O2TR [cc/(pkg·day·atm)] 23+1°C 40+5%RH O2TR [cc/(m2·day·bar)] 23+1°C 45+5%RHWVTR [g/(pkg·day)] 38+0.2°C 90+2%RHWVTR [g/(m2 ·day)] 38+0.2°C 90+2%RH
<0.001 < 0.06<.005< 0.30
Barrier levels, OTR [g/(m2*day)] Barrier levels, VWTR [g/(m2*day)]
HIGH 0,5-10HIGH 0,1-10
MEDIUM 10-100MEDIUM 10-100
LOW 100-200LOW 100-1000

Intended purpose and conditions of use

The capsule bodies are intended for packaging and storage in modified atmosphere of coffee powder for 24 months at room temperature, during the storage phase; in addition, the dispensing of coffee drink at 100 ° C for 5 minutes. It is the responsibility of the producer of the finished product, intended to come into contact with food, to establish that the use of a product is safe, lawful and technically suitable for the intended application. Compliance with all applicable limitations and specifications described in that Regulation must be respected and guaranteed in any case by the manufacturer of the article, intended for contact with food.


The product does not require special storage conditions, a storage temperature below 30 ° C is recommended, in order to reduce the risks of deterioration.

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